Rimotec BV
Melkhuis 2
4873 DL Etten Leur
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 6 38445615
Email: info@rimotec.nl
Chamber of Commerce: Breda 63834235
VAT nr: NL140652802B01
Bank: NL140652802B01
IBAN: NL61 INGB 0006 8770 95

Rimotec BV, located in Etten Leur The Netherlands is an innovative specialist in offering industrial LED total solutions. Although standard LED lighting can be delivered, Rimotec’s strength is particular based on customized LED solutions.

We have extended engineering services available to offer a high standard of optical, mechanical, thermic and electronic design of LED projects to our customers.

The development and delivery of the LED-based equipment for several applications such as curing of adhesives, paints, coatings or lighting for production inspection are tailor made, exactly to all relevant parameters of the production process.


Rimotec BV  works exclusively with the highest standards and quality components. For the design and engineering Rimotec BV has an exclusive agreement with 4Pico.

4PICO is a specialized provider of knowhow, technology and equipment for the manufacturing of high tech products. As an SME company and based on high levels of expertise and experience, 4Pico collaborates closely with their customers, suppliers and partners. 4Pico is active as both an Original Equipment Manufacturer (4PICO Direct Laser Writers) as an Original Design Manufacturer (projects regarding production facilities for the manufacturing of high tech products). 4Pico also delivers Industrial LED Solutions for which they have an exclusive partnership with Rimotec. For more information about 4Pico please check their website www.4pico.nl


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